Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Lobster Season

Today is the end of Spiny Lobster Season and apparently it was a terrible year for commercial lobster fishermen. The price of lobsters is down by more than half and the lobster populations have declined. I heard that over in Everglades City, which is the stone crab capital of the world and also home to many lobstermen, that most of the lobstermen and crabbers just gave up early this year because there just wasn't the demand for their product and they had so much stockpiled in freezers already. While I'm sorry that their livelihood has been affected, maybe this will give the crab and lobster populations a chance to replenish for years to come. The rest of us should take advantage of the low prices in the meantime. I don't really mind if my spiny lobster tails have been frozen as long as they aren't chemically treated. To avoid the chemicals buy your lobster from Corey the Lobster Truck guy I wrote about in January or ask whoever sells you your fish. I know that the spiny lobster tails at Costco are from Australia and South Africa, not Florida and that they are chemically preserved, so avoid them.

Here is an article about the bad lobster season we had this year.

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