Monday, April 6, 2009

Edible Wild Plant Workshop Saturday

This Saturday Chris Rollins will be teaching an edible wild plant workshop at Fruit & Spice Park in The Redlands. I'm really trying to get into foraging. I think the Florida landscape is full of delicious, free food that most people aren't taking advantage of. Many South Floridians, like myself, aren't originally from this area. We're more familiar with Northern plant life and edibles, so we don't realize that much of the flora in this region is good to eat, just unfamiliar to us. This workshop is a great way to learn about what grows here and what we can take advantage of. Especially in tough economic times, I think foraging for wild foods is a great and sustainable way to cut costs. The workshop will be from 2-4, this Saturday, April 11th and costs $25.00. Here is the link to Fruit & Spice Park's class schedule.

For more on foraging, visit the blog Forage Oakland out of Oakland, California (where local eating is unbearably simple it seems). This blog was a big inspiration for me and documents a community wide foraging project where people trade or gift fruit, herbs and vegetables they've grown or picked wild. With the abundance of fruit trees we have in South Florida, surely this would be an easy thing to do around here too. Anyone interested in starting Forage Fort Lauderdale with me?

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