Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Celebrate World Ocean Day at the Surf Social!

When I was little I wanted to be a mermaid so that I would never have to get out of the ocean. I loved the ocean so much that I wanted to live in it permanently. As I grew up, I continued to love the sea, the sand, the surf and all the creatures who make the ocean their home, although I have stopped wanting to be their roommate (saltwater tangles my hair something awful and all those hours sitting on a rock combing it out with a shell sound dull). This Sunday I will be showing my love, celebrating World Ocean Day by wearing blue and by attending the Slow Food Surf Social at 3030 Ocean, located inside the Harbor Beach Marriott on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Chef Dean Max will be cooking us a local feast with lots of Florida seafood, a roast heirloom pig, and locally grown, native fruits and vegetables. Call Nicole at 954-765-3030, after 2pm to reserve. Cost is a $59.00 donation. For more information visit Slow Food Glades to Coast (scroll down). And as a bonus, if you go, you will get to meet me! I'll be wearing my sparkly fish tail (just kidding).

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