Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pink Guava!

Remember back when I found my last guava and I was complaining because when I cut it open it looked like eggplant? Remember how I was also complaining because guavas are grown in Florida yet were nowhere to be found in Publix? Well, I think the manager of my Publix (Sunrise and 15th in Ft. Lauderdale) was reading. All week they've had a lovely selection of Florida grown guavas perfuming their produce section. I bought one, brought it home and cut it open and lo and behold it was PINK!! I liked the pink color much better (same with lemonade, alas). Pink just makes everything better. The taste was exactly the same as the white guava though and I'm still having trouble getting around the hard seeds. I just don't like them. I scooped out the centers and threw them in a pot of chutney I was making, which turned into one of my worst culinary disasters in recent history, deserving of its own upcoming post. And Oh! Don't forget the Surf Social tonight at 3030!


  1. I love your blog so much I made a syndicated account at lj so I can follow in on my friends list. The lj name is "elitt." (pun with "elite?") Thanks for writing these entries.

  2. Hi from Malaysia!
    We get Guavas here to, in fact, we have some guava trees in our backyard.

    Anyways, fyi, we do not eat the seeds at all. we just scoop them away and eat the crunchy part :)