Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Surf Social

The Surf Social began with a selection of appetizers, some passed and some on platters arranged beautifully on tables. We had curried shrimp skewers, octopus toasts, snapper coconut ceviche with yucca chips (yum this was my favorite), goat cheese toasts, roast clams, speck ham around honeydew melon, beef filet with olive tapenade, alligator soup and bamboo cups filled with grilled pompano in what seemed to me like a Vietnamese inspired broth (I could be wrong about this). The standouts for me were definitely the curried shrimp and the aforementioned ceviche which I can't stop thinking about. The biggest surprise hit with me was the pompano. I had never tried pompano, in spite of having lived in its namesake beach for several years, and I found it to be very mild and delicate and not at all fishy, oily or tough, which are all qualities that I dislike in seafood. I'm really kicking myself for not getting the nerve up to try the alligator soup. You can't get any more Florida Locavore than a bowl full of alligator, but honestly, I visited the Everglades a few months ago and saw literally hundreds of alligators. I thought they were disgusting and had no desire to eat one, but now I wish I had been more adventurous tonight. The brave souls who tried the soup said it was delicious and the meat was unusually tender for 'gator. Maybe another time.

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  1. looks wonnnnnnnnnnnderful :) i'd love to try that ceviche too-- coconut & fish...mmmmm....

    last weekend we went to the georgia coast. bo & my cousin went seining and netted 27 blue crabs. a lovely local feast :D