Monday, July 6, 2009

Blackberry Mush Recipe

Begin by placing your washed blackberries in a saucepan. I had about 2 pints give or take here. Then add about a cup of water, or enough so that the berries aren't swimming, but the water is almost level with them in the pan. Then add sugar. Now sugar is a very subjective thing. I added about a half cup to this pot. You may prefer more or less. Some batches of berries are sweeter than others, so there's no set rule about the amount of sugar to use. My advice is to start with a little, then once the berries cook down some, taste them and see what you think. Add more until you like the taste. I prefer enough sugar the bring out the flavor of the fruit, but not so much that it tastes like jam. I prefer a hint of tartness, but you may not and that is ok. The recipe is extremely forgiving. Bring your fruit to a gentle boil, stirring and mashing them with a wooden spoon.

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