Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Local Humor - Overheard at the Fish Market

I'm thrilled that so many people are making efforts to eat locally. I hear about it everywhere I go, especially at the fish market. Each time I'm sure to ask specifically where the fish comes from. Most of it is caught around here, but they also have salmon flown in from Ireland and a lot of fish from Chile. I avoid these options. I don't like salmon anyway. It seems my inquiries are catching on, but maybe not in the way I had imagined. Yesterday as I stood in line waiting for my pound of dolphin to be wrapped up I heard a man come in. Pointing to the lobster tank, with its large sign that read clearly "LIVE MAINE LOBSTERS" the man asked with great seriousness: "Are these live Maine lobsters local?" Maybe he thinks "Maine" is a breed? Luckily they pointed him to some spiny tails, although they were frozen and very out of season right now.

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