Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bee Heaven Farm Blog

Bee Heaven Farm has "bowed to peer pressure" and started a blog! This is so exciting, especially as the growing season is just beginning. I've renewed my CSA membership for this year and come November, I'll be posting a lot about my weekly boxes of produce and treats, many of which are grown at Bee Heaven Farm. Now that they've started a blog, we'll get to see the other side of the CSA - where all the work is done. I'm anxious to read about life on the farm. So far this week they have harvested and dehydrated all sorts of fruits, including something called a "Cotton Candy Fruit" and how on earth have I not tried something called that?? They also have ripe bananas and they swear you haven't lived if you haven't tried a fresh banana from the farm. I definitely haven't lived then, alas. Maybe I would like bananas if I got to eat a real one. Yesterday tilling began on the earth that will grow my winter's veggies. I'm beyond excited about that. Happy growing and blogging Bee Heaven Farm!

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