Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Future Avocado Grove

I've decided to grow my own Lula using the seed and toothpick method. My sister and I saved the seed from the avocado she made the pineapple salsa with a month ago and immediately propped it up in water. My grandmother has had much success growing avocados this way and has several almost ready to go into the ground. This is stage one. In stage two you plant the seed in a big pot of soil and keep it safe in a porch or somewhere similar until it gets even bigger. Stage three is when they can go outside and grow to be a real tree that makes avocados. This one has done remarkably well in a short period of time. It grows noticably every day. I don't have a yard to plant this in, but since it takes such a long time for them to get to stage three I figure that I'll have a house with a yard by then. And I guess in about five or six years you can check back to see how I'm enjoying the avocados. If you look very closely in the picture you can see a new, smaller Hass seed in the background. That one is now toothpicked in a cup as well, but hasn't sprouted yet. I can see where this could become habit forming. I might have these things all over the house. If you're a friend of mine, expect one of these as your Christmas present. Go ahead, make all the Wetlands jokes you want. I know. I know. But trust me, my new little avocado growing obsession won't lead to my eating my own body parts any time soon. I can barely stomach a locally grown avocado over here.

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  1. Alas, like apples, avocado trees grown from seed usually produce inferior fruit. You might get lucky. You might do better to purchase a commercially grafted tree when you have suitable property and plant both just in case.