Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Non-Local Tomatillos??

Yesterday someone left a comment saying that no tomatillos are currently growing in Homestead and that I should check the label to see if they came from a distributor in Homestead rather than a grower. I hope I haven't been duped again like I was with the non-Florida blackberries with the Florida label that I accidentally bought earlier in the summer. I bought the tomatillos and peppers at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is really good about labeling all of their locally produced wares and the produce I purchased had the orange sign under it. I was under the impression that Whole Foods labels its produce according to where it is grown and not where it's distributed. You can see the sign here. I tried to google "Southern Specialties" to see what kind of a company they are but there was no website and no information available. I could call the produce manager at Whole Foods and inquire and I may do that later, because if these tomatillos were not grown in Florida they should not be falsely labeled as such. It's deceptive advertisting to cash in on people like me who want to buy things grown nearby and that's just wrong. Or, maybe there really are some tomatillos growing somewhere in Homestead right now and not a lot of people know about them. Let's hope. Whatever their origins, the tomatillos made a delicious salsa which I served on some grilled dolphin and I know that really was caught just offshore here.

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  1. Is this a different company than the one at southernspecialties.com? This company is a Pompano-Beach-based distributor that gets its tomatillos from Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Michigan.