Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Almost Time...

It's almost here! The Pompano Beach Green Market reopens for the season on Halloween, Saturday October 31st. I will definitely be there, although I have been in past years and I admit that I was a little disappointed. Do I even have to tell you why? Of course not. I've said it about 300 times before. Like many other farmer's markets in Florida, they sell the same things you can get at Publix, which are not local. But some stuff is local and I hope this year there will be even more products for sale that are grown around here. A friend of mine who has since moved away particularly liked one vendor - an Indian woman who grew several of the items she sold in her own yard. Of particular interest to me is her purslane. I've never had purslane and I hear it grows well here. My friend liked it. If you don't know what purslane is, well, neither do I. It's a type of green with thick leaves and yellow flowers, but beyond that I know little else. Hopefully she's growing it this year and it will find its way into a future post.

I wish Halloween would hurry up and get here already!

Here is the Pompano Beach Green Market's website with further information about the opening and how you can be a volunteer. Of course I considered volunteering, but I have enough stuff to do already that I can't get done, so one more thing would be too much. I'll be happy just shopping at the market instead of working there, although I'm sure volunteering would be a lovely experience.

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