Sunday, October 25, 2009

Edible Garden Festival Pictures

Here are some shots from yesterday's Edible Garden Festival at Fairchild. Yes, teachers still get in for free with ID, so I was pretty happy about saving the 20$ admission fee. The afternoon was humid and partly sunny and this festival definitely lacked the heavy turnout that I despaired over at this past summer's Mango festival. I was pleased with the smaller crowds and easier parking. The festival itself was smaller though, with many of the same vendors as other festivals. There were quite a few good things to eat, a scarecrow display, clever bats fashioned from fallen palm bark, and several decorated pumpkins. I saw a box garden display (above), met some students who are creating a community garden on the University of Miami campus and bought a ton of fresh, local veggies at the Bee Heaven Farm booth. Best of all, I finally got to meet Margie, whom I've emailed with for a couple years and never met in person. I bought an unruly bouquet of callaloo, organic corn on the cob, crookneck squash and zucchini, a four pack of those addictive smoked eggs and a jar of Antidesma (maoberry) butter. They also had heirloom tomato seedlings and baby red choi for sale. Fairchild itself had a booth selling fruits and honey grown in its own edible garden. They had quite an interesting variety with two different kinds of avocado, tamarind pods, mamey, carambola and to my surprise, persimmons. I didn't know persimmons grew here. For some reason I associated persimmons with chilly climates. I know they're popular in the Midwest in the Fall and there were several wild persimmons growing in Delaware when I was growing up, but I've never seen persimmons down here. In all, the festival was small and pleasant and a good way to pick up some early harvests before CSA begins next month. It was the perfect, tropical style event to replace the corn mazes and cider mills of fall that so many Floridians long for this time of year. The Edible Garden Festival really made me excited for the first harvests and I left uplifted, feeling like celebrating the season as it manifests in the place where I live.


  1. I went to the festival on Sunday, and it was terrific. I said exactly what you write above -- it was a great Halloween/harvest event that perfectly reflected the spirit of where we are.

    Your purchases were much healthier than mine, we grabbed a bunch of Gaby's ice cream (yum!), a couple of honeys (Gallberry and Jamacian Dogwood( from Bees in the Keys, and some jams/jellies from ... three really sweet vendors whose business name I don't remember (sorry guys). Loved the scarecrows too.

    I've been waffling about becoming a member of Fairchild for awhile, but I'm finally going to go ahead and do it -- they have some great events and classes coming up.

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