Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fairchild Edible Garden Festival This Weekend!

Fairchild's Edible Garden Festival is this weekend and I can't wait. I've already gotten an email from Redland Organics letting me know that they will have produce, eggs, honey and seedlings for sale. You have to try the smoked eggs. They would make the best egg salad in the world. There will also be a display of the scarecrows from the scarecrow contest and several lectures, tours and demonstrations. I am beside myself with excitement and will be going on Saturday. I plan on doing some serious spending because they always have a ton of neat stuff to buy and because I am going to attempt a container garden on my parents' patio and want some heirloom tomato seedlings. The last time I tried that the stupid iguanas devoured my plants, so we'll see what happens this time. On one visit to Fairchild, they told me that teachers get in free with teacher ID cards, so keep that in mind. Hopefully it's still true. Here is the schedule of events where there is a five dollar off admission coupon that you can print out as well.


  1. I'm looking forward to Bee Heaven Farms' heirloom tomatoes... What day are you going?

  2. Saturday afternoon! I'm excited about the tomatoes too.