Thursday, October 29, 2009

Florida Sel - The Water Has to Go Somewhere

After about a half an hour, go check on the sea water which has been boiling exuberantly. Observe now that the sea water in the pot has not so much boiled away, but has instead just moved out of the pot and onto your ceiling and is now dripping on your kitchen floor. The sea water is also covering your microwave, entire stove top and your apartment now resembles a sauna. A salty sauna. It is now time to take protective measures because you remember the corrosive properties of salt water. Fashion a suit of armor for your microwave door with sheets of aluminum foil, Secure them with scotch tape because that's all you have, though the steam from the boiling pot will quickly cause these to wilt. Replace scotch tape every few minutes in a last ditch effort to save the finish of your microwave door. Consider for the first time that harvesting your own sea salt might not be as quaint, charming and earth-goddess of an activity as the books made it sound.

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