Friday, October 16, 2009

A Long Five Weeks..

It's only five weeks until my CSA shares from Redland Organics begin being delivered. I can not wait. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Being a member of a CSA though, is like getting to have Christmas every single week! Imagine this - every Saturday you go pick up a big box filled with fruits and veggies, all grown and harvested nearby and you never know what is going to be in the box! This excites me beyond belief. I love the element of surprise. It keeps me on my toes and it keeps me out of ruts of dull eating. It gets my imagination simmering and I definitely eat more nutritious meals because I have to use up what I've been given. The CSA makes me a better cook and much better eater and it forces me to try new things, which are usually items they don't sell in the grocery store. I'll be honest though. I don't always like everything I try and that's ok with me. Sometimes I'll find vegetables or fruits in the box that I can't stand. When that happens I either try new methods of preparation or I give them away. I can always find someone else who is happy to have my rejects and I enjoy being generous.

I just got an email from Redland Organics. Every season it seems they add more and more options. You can buy egg shares or honey shares. Two years ago I bought an egg share and every week I got four to six, lovely, bluish-greenish-grey or caramel colored eggs. I didn't buy the honey because I don't eat enough of it to justify that and one week I got a free jar of honey in my box anyway. It lasted me the whole season.

This year they're offering two new add-ons. You can buy a goat cheese share or a Mediterranean share. I think this is so exciting. If you buy the goat cheese share, every week you get a different kind of goat cheese, all made right here. I wonder if they have to call it "pet food." I say this because in the 90s I lived in another state and worked at a Waldorf school. There was a nearby Biodynamic farm that produced goat cheese, but for some reason it was illegal and they had to call it pet food, just like with the raw milk. We all ate it and didn't die. But I digress. I am considering the goat cheese share this year because I love goat cheese and I've been wanting to explore local cheese options to write about. We'll see how I can work it into my budget. I'd also like to mention that I tried the goat cheese at the Possum Trot brunch and I've been wishing I could get my hands on more of it ever since. The one we had there was kind of dry, mild and crumbly. It was harder than a feta with a more delicate taste. It was addictive.

This year you can also purchase a Mediterranean share as well. That means that every week you can get a Mediterranean salad like hummus, baba ghanoush etc. I think it's a great idea, but I'll opt out of that one. My family is partly Middle Eastern anyway, therefore I have this stuff coming out of my ears. You would not believe the vat of smoked eggplant my grandmother foisted on me the other day, so I clearly do not need to be purchasing something I already know how to make and have on hand already. But for people who are not related to my eggplant and tahina obsessed grandmother, the Mediterranean share is a good idea.

Uggh, did I say it was five weeks away? Hurry up and grow, plants!

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