Monday, November 23, 2009

CSA So Far

Well I made a big Sunday dinner yesterday which included some of my share. I have to admit to you that I did nothing wild, exciting, daring or original with my produce yet. I didn't even make the tomato stewed green beans. You know what I did? I steamed them. And I made corn on the cob. How boring am I? But sometimes I like my vegetables plain, so they taste like themselves and local, organic veggies have more flavor and depth than their wilted, limp cousins in the grocery store. It's been a while since I've had a just-picked anything so I've been relishing the vegetables in their purest, most unadorned states so far. This morning I actually ate leftover, cold green beans out of the container while standing in front of the open fridge. I also popped a cherry tomato into my mouth as if it were a doughnut hole. I didn't take pictures. You've all seen a steamed green bean before.


  1. Sounds good to me! I am actually planning on being completely traditional and going back to the old school Campbells cream of mushroom green bean's not anything I ate in my youth. But sometimes I get a craving for these things...

  2. You've hit upon one of the tensions in blogging a CSA subscription. Blogs demand novel and complex preparations to talk about. Quality organic produce demands to be prepared simply.

    Actually, it's just hit me that I've got that wrong. My post popular posts are the simple preparations--pickled carrots, kale chips and the like--that the most novice cook can prepare. Maybe you should be posting detailed instructions on steaming green beans.