Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First Delivery!

Yesterday I received my first delivery and look at what a bounty it is. All I need is a cornucopia! Can you believe this is only a half share? (CSA shares come in half or full.) Since it's just me and my husband a half share is more than enough. We get a huge amount of vegetables and other goodies each week during the growing season. This week we got a mixture of strange and familiar, though mostly familiar and I tend to really love when they include unusual items that challenge my palate and cooking skills. In our box we got (clockwise from left): cherry tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, corn, callaloo, lemongrass, green beans, a red flower that has many names but which I call Jamaica (more on that later), and an avocado which I am determined to enjoy when it gets ripe. There is also some dill hiding in there too. I plan to make a big salad with a buttermilk dill dressing. I'll definitely do some coconut callaloo rice and my imagination is all awhir about what I can do with lemongrass. So far, I've been cracking open the stalks and smelling them. Lemongrass makes for great aromatherapy. It kind of smells like Pledge, but I mean that in a good way. It also reminds me of the lemon lollipops I used to get at the bank when I was little. The items I was happiest to receive were the green beans and tomatoes. I stew the green beans in a lemony tomato sauce and eat them as a meal on their own. It's a middle eastern recipe I learned from my family. I'll show you how to make it too. I'm just happy to get some tomatoes with flavor. Last summer, when tomatoes weren't in season down here so much, there was a tomato blight up north. The tomatoes in the grocery store were scarce and the ones they did manage to import from God knows where, were hard, tasteless and pink; not fit to eat. I didn't think it was worth it, so I haven't had a good tomato since I was in the Chesapeake region in August and got some of their local crop which hadn't been harmed by the blight. I think I'll probably eat these tomatoes raw like little candies, although my mother mentioned to me that she had some excellent cherry tomatoes in Napa last summer which were stir fried in olive oil and balsamic syrup. That sounds tempting too. We'll see. Luckily I have plenty!

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