Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Salad

I'm glad that lettuce grows well down here otherwise I'd probably move. Last weekend I got two heads of romaine in my CSA box and I was overjoyed. They really made up for the whole dandelion green mess. I know I'm boring. We've established that already, but romaine lettuce is good and you just can't argue with that. As soon as I got the lettuce home, I cleaned it well (produce from the farm is way dirtier than the grocery store, factory kind) and then rolled it up in a bag. Now, the CSA newsletter said not to do this, but I am rebellious and did it anyway. I find that because my schedule is so hectic, that I will actually eat and use my produce if I take the time to clean it, cut it all up and store it nicely. If I don't do this, I will often let it go bad and then feel like a horrible, wasteful person and the guilt will almost kill me. The newsletter said that veggies don't keep as well if you wash and cut them in advance and that you should only wash and cut them right when you're going to use them. I haven't had any issues and having the already ready lettuce in a bag in my fridge made my week a whole lot easier. In fact, it pretty much made my week because this was a pretty crappy week for me.

The high point of my week was "The Salad." All week I've been enjoying the salad and today I finally remembered to take a picture of it. My sister and I invented this salad last summer and it's addictive. We just call it "The Salad" and I could pretty much eat it every day. The recipe is flexible. Modify as you please. You just use lettuce, feta cheese, roasted peppers, some kind of nut, dried fruit, tomato, avocado if you have some, any leftover meat (optional obviously), cucumber, beans if you've got some, hearts of palm if you have those, fresh herbs if you have some lying around, salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil with a splash of vinegar. It's so easy and you can get pretty much all of the ingredients locally, even the feta. I cheat with the nuts. I've been using walnuts. I haven't had a lot of luck finding locally grown nuts around here, but I'm researching. Back when we went to Possum Trot, we learned that macadamias love it here, but the squirrels steal them all. Anyway,as I said, the recipe is extremely flexible. Add in something else, leave a few things out, whatever. It's going to be good. How can it be bad? I had to leave the avocado out. In the background of the picture you can see my scaly looking Monroe avocado. It isn't ripe yet. It still needs a couple days. Today I used my last leaves of romaine, so I hope this Saturday there's more.

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