Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today was one of the laziest days I can remember and I loved every second of it. I go back to work on Wednesday, so I'm trying to make the most (by doing the least) of my last couple of free days. The one thing I managed to accomplish today was this magnificent breakfast, though I should really call it a brunch being that I made it at around 1 in the afternoon. I sauteed the oyster mushrooms from Paradise Farms with some leftover ham from my parents' New Years Day dinner and a local jalapeno from Whole Foods. The farm was not named. I added this to scrambled eggs, with some cheese I had lying around and served it with halved grape tomatoes from Lady Moon Farms in Punta Gorda and some of those heavenly pink Cara Cara oranges (Florida grown of course), which I am now officially addicted to. They look like grapefruit, but they are so low in acid and have such a delicate flavor that I honestly think they are the best orange I have ever had. I washed the whole thing down with some Wagon Wheel coffee from Davie. I must say, I haven't had such a perfect breakfast in ages and almost everything was local. It was so good that afterward, I had to crawl back in bed.

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