Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finished Salsa (or Gazpacho)

This is my finished dish of salsa. Yes, I whirred it a little long in the Cuisinart, but hey, it still tastes great whether you dip chips into it or eat it with a spoon. Salsa is versatile. And of course, if you want to avoid my mistake, all you have to do it chop the ingredients by hand. Sometimes I prefer to do it that way and end up with a chunkier end product, but this time I was lazy and wanted more instant gratification. In this picture, the salsa is right out of the processor, so it looks pink and frothy. After a couple hours in the fridge it settles down. At that point, you could also choose to pour it through a very fine sieve to get rid of some of the excess water. The great thing about it is that there are so many uses for salsa, no matter the texture. Serious Eats is one of my favorite food sites and I found this article about 30 uses for salsa. I love it on scrambled eggs.

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