Saturday, January 2, 2010

First CSA of the New Year!

I just picked up my first CSA box of 2010. I really missed it last week, but I didn't need it because I was out of town anyway, so it worked out perfectly. This week we got a massive ruffle of a green leaf lettuce, lots of nearly ripe plum tomatoes, a cabbage, dill, oyster mushrooms(how exciting!), beets (my favorite thing on earth) and the notorious black sapote. I decided to give the black sapote a second chance and did not put it in the extras box. At the same time, I spied a little green pepper in the extras and snagged it. I liked that it was little and I enjoy peppers in stir-fries. I am thrilled about the oyster mushrooms, which I will use tomorrow morning in omelettes and of course the beets. I like to roast beets and then chill them and use them in salads with lots of nuts, citrus and cheese. Not a lot of people like them, but I can't get enough of them. I'm beginning to see a pattern. I think I like brightly colored foods. Then, probably tomorrow, I'll also employ the lettuce, dill and tomatoes in a favorite salad recipe I learned from my mom, which I will share when I make it.

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