Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Salsa Attack! Step 1

By some miracle of local agriculture, I found that I had all of the ingredients necessary to make fresh salsa. It had to be done. I love making salsa. It's fast and easy and you can put salsa on anything. It makes everything better. All you need are some fresh tomatoes, a green onion (you can use red onion too, but I'm an onion wuss and like the milder flavor of scallions), a handful of cilantro (unless you are one of those people with that tragic genetic disorder that makes people think it tastes like soap), a hot pepper of any kind, juice of 1 lime, some honey and some salt (not shown). Some people like garlic in their salsa. I don't. If you do, then put it in there. If you like your salsa really hot, then add more peppers. Any fresh, hot peppers work, but I prefer jalapenos. One thing you need to know about peppers though, is that they are the most inconsistent things imaginable. One day you can have a jalapeno that is so hot you can feel the skin peeling off your tongue. The next, you can try another jalapeno and swear you're eating a green pepper. Before you add jalapeno or any hot pepper to your dish, taste it so you know how hot it is. That way you can control the spiciness of the finished product. In this case, my jalapeno was really mild, so I tossed the entire thing into the mix and didn't even bother to remove the seeds and pith. The most intense heat is located in the seeds and white, inner membranes. If you find that you have a really hot pepper, throw out the seeds, cut away the pith and then rinse the remaining pepper under cold water. This helps tone it down a little too.

Once you have washed all of your ingredients, you may either chop them by hand for salsa, or you can be lazy like me and just chunk them and throw then in the Cuisinart. Make sure you cut the stem end out of your tomatoes and peppers and cut the little root thing off the end of your green onion. Once you've chunked everything, and by that I mean just cut them into rough, large pieces, you can put everything into the food processor, add some salt and give it a brief spin.
The key word here is BRIEF, as you will see in Step 2.

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