Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Salsa Step Two - ADD Style

Take all of your ingredients and throw them in the food processor. Of course, this is the lazy salsa method. The more laborious, and probably better, way to make salsa is to chop everything by hand, put it into some beautiful earthenware bowl, stir gently with a wooden spoon and let it sit for a few hours so the flavors can meld. This method doesn't work when you must have salsa right this second, as I did. I threw everything into the food processor and turned it on. Right at that instant I heard a phone ringing and swore it was my phone and then I couldn't find my phone and by the time I did, I realized that the ringing phone was actually on TV and not in real life. By the time I got back to the salsa, it had passed the salsa stage and turned into something more akin to gazpacho. I swear I have ADD. More than salsa, I think I actually need Concerta. Every time I see those commercials for Adult ADD I swear they are talking about me and then I see a bird out the window and forget all about the commercial. But hey, gazpacho is good too. Now, let's say you were not like me and you actually paid attention to your salsa. Once you give it a very brief chop, just to get all the ingredients blended, you want to taste it for seasoning and make sure the flavors are balanced. Add more salt, make it spicier, throw in some more lime juice or more honey. You don't want any one of these flavors to overpower the others. You don't want to take a bite of the finished salsa and think - salty, sweet, tart or spicy. You want to taste ALL of these flavors at once and because tomatoes and limes and peppers are always different, each batch of salsa is going to be different. You have to tinker with the seasonings until you get it right.

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