Monday, January 4, 2010


I went to Whole Foods for the first time in a while this afternoon. I needed more Cara Caras since I'd eaten up all of my supply. I like to browse the produce section to see how many local items they have and I was surprised to see the first batch of Florida strawberries was in! I confess, I had actually forgotten that strawberry season here is in winter. The strawberries, which were conventionally grown were going for $4.99 a box. This is expensive for me, so I passed, content to wait until later in the season when the price goes down. Then, later I had to run into Publix for a few things and lo and behold I found local strawberries there ON SALE for, I kid you not, $1.97 for the same sized box they were selling for almost five dollars at Whole Foods. There was a large supply at my Publix and they were definitely local, from Plant City. The berries are small and deep, blood red, which is just how I like them. I find that smaller strawberries are much more flavorful than the big ones, which are all show. Naturally I bought a box and I will be enjoying them sliced with a sticky pirouette of Keys honey on top. Yay Publix!


  1. I saw that deal after paying $3 for a smaller box at the Pinecrest Farmers Market. No can do then but they were so sweet and delicious, I forgot what I paid for them.

  2. Were they perhaps organic versus non-organic?

  3. Hooray for strawberry season! Lovin your picture.