Monday, February 22, 2010

Good News

I've gotten both my camera and my charger back, so regular posting will begin again shortly! Turns out both were missing and my sister took them in a tragic case of mistaken identity.

This week I had to forgo my CSA share because I couldn't make it to the pickup site on time due to other obligations. This is really the biggest downfall of CSAs for me. There is a short window of time and it falls on a day (Saturday) when people often have other places to be, which are often non-negotiable. Not a big deal though because this week looks like it was mostly greens and I'm not in the mood to cook or eat greens right now. I cabbaged and charded myself out. This week my goal is to finish all the potatoes I got last week, and to do something with the thyme I also received. Those are the only things I have left from last week, along with like 4 grape tomatoes.

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