Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Bounty of Greens

I ran into the Boca Whole Foods on Glades Road, Monday and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of local produce they had. It was mostly greens. In fact, there were so many that I couldn't fit them all in the picture. There is an array of chards, collards and beets (with the edible tops still on) both golden and ruby. Not pictured were several lettuces. All of the greens are from Lady Moon Farms in Punta Gorda.In addition to the greens and beets, there were lots of (expensive) local tomatoes and what must be the last of the citrus. I saw oranges and grapefruit from Clewiston and even from Lake Worth. There was a good selection!

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  1. That Whole Foods in Boca Raton I think by far is one of the best if not the best one in South Florida. I am in Miami and here the closest one I have is good but not as big as that one. If you ever come to Miami, I highly recommend that you visit Lorenzo's Italian Marketplace, right next door they have fruits & veggie section and they bring most of their produce from Florida farms. It Lychee season so I am happy!