Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Growing Gift

This week I started feeling a little bit better and have been able to venture out of the house a couple times, as well as eat some small meals, which are still extremely bland. I noticed that sitting outside in the sun and spring breeze makes me feel a lot better and really, how can it not? I think living things need to be outside as much as possible.

Today I felt the best, and as a result, I completed a small project. If you know how very ill I've been over the past six weeks, then you can understand what a gigantic, big deal this was for me. I made an herb garden for my sister and her husband.

My sister has been on vacation for the past week celebrating her and her husband's birthdays, which are close together. I wanted to give them a gift they could share. Earlier this year, right around Christmas, I made a vow that from now on I would only give people gifts that were useful, healthy and not wasteful. I think so often we get gifts for people that they don't need and that just end up as clutter. We do this because we feel obligated to get people things on special occasions and a lot of times we have no idea what to get, and then, out of desperation we just get something to say we got something. Many of these gifts aren't healthy and contribute to wasteful consumerism. A lot of them don't have the meaning we wish they did. I don't want to be a part of this problem anymore.

I decided to make my sister and her husband an herb garden for their balcony. They live in an apartment like I do, but are lucky enough to have a balcony that gets some sun and shade throughout the day. They like to cook and an herb garden fit all of my criteria for a gift - it's healthy, pretty, not wasteful and very useful.

I bought the herbs and terra cotta pots at Home Depot for under $50.00. I also added in some plant food for edible plants and a nice, new garden spade in case they are inspired and wish to add to the garden I started. I have a feeling they will. I started their garden with basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, mint, a hot banana pepper bush and catnip for their two kitties. It took me less than an hour to pot all of the herbs and arrange them on the table they already had on the balcony. Now, tonight when they arrive home from a long drive, they'll have a surprise waiting - a surprise that will continue to grow and thrive and that will become a part of them when they eat the herbs they grow.


  1. Wow that is a very nice gift! I hope your sister likes the gift.

  2. Love this idea!!! How very thoughtful you are...I wish I had a sister like you.