Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'm getting a little but better, but still not enough to where I can actually get out and about that much. I still don't have my appetite back, but I saw a salad on TV today and it looked good instead of making me gag, so I take that as a good sign.

I thought I would still update you anyway.

What I've been eating: Jamba Juice. I know it's not local and probably not even remotely healthy, but you know, you have to get something down and sweet and icy was the only thing that worked. I can get a vita boost and at least I know I'm holding down one banana a day. Bananas are good. So thank you Jamba Juice for keeping me from starving to death and for allowing me to consume more than pills.

What I've been reading: Fed Up With School Lunch! This is a blog by a teacher who committed herself to eating disgusting school lunches in a public school cafeteria in order to expose how truly vile and unhealthy they are. The blog is gross, but it's supposed to be, and this woman should be sainted for making what I consider to be a huge sacrifice. Lord knows, I would NEVER eat any of this stuff.

I also read this article: "In Florida, The Seafood Becomes Less Local" from the New York Times. This article explains how most of the fish that people think is local is actually shipped in from other countries. Consumers are being BSed into thinking the fish was caught around here because it's sold by local distributors who deceptively slap a local label on foreign product. This reminds me of last summer when I was duped into buying blackberries from Chile and I've seen this scenario several other times as well. If it's not born, raised or grown in Florida, it's not local for us. Is that clear?? Someone needs to stand up to this practice. It's false advertising and it's lying to consumers!!

What I've been watching on TV: When you're sick, you watch a lot of TV. I am currently obsessed with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. If you haven't seen it yet, please set your DVRs. The show is frustrating, funny, heartbreaking and inspiring. It's just incredible to watch on so many levels. You will be horrified at the way people eat, at the way children suffer from "chicken nugget syndrome" and how most people think that children shouldn't eat with real utensils. (I actually worked in a kindergarten where we gave children knives and taught them to cut vegetables and would you believe, no one ever lost an eye or a limb or killed someone?) And although you will be horrified at the resistance Chef Oliver encounters, you will also be inspired by the people who are committed to change, especially young people. It is official - I love Jamie Oliver and what he's doing and I am so thankful for him and for others (like our First Lady Michelle Obama and Chef Alice Waters) who are working to change the way we feed our children. Go to Jamie Oliver's website (linked above) and sign the petition.

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