Monday, December 19, 2011

Alexa Produce Revisited

Out of all the posts I've written on here, I've received the most nasty comments regarding my visit to Alexa Produce on Oakland Park Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. I went there when they first opened, twice actually, and wasn't impressed. This really offended a lot of people apparently and since so many were willing to defend the place I had to go back and see if I was wrong. This morning I decided to go back and found that a lot had changed. The store is clean, well stocked and has a good variety of fruits and vegetables at extremely low prices. It was pleasant inside and was doing a brisk business, so they must be doing something right. In addition to produce they also sold breads, olives and a few condiments.

Here's the thing though. They don't have a lot of locally grown, or Florida grown for that matter, items for sale. I want farmers markets and produce stands to sell more local products and that has always been my complaint. On the other hand, I'd rather support a small local business instead of a huge grocery corporation, so I bought my fruits and vegetables here anyway even though they weren't local. Plus, they were cheap. I'm talking ridiculously inexpensive here. I couldn't believe it and thought the checker had made an error. I bought two enormous bags of fruits and vegetables and the total was only $12.61. It would have been twice that at Publix I bet and let's not even talk about Whole Foods, which I can't even drive past without seventy-five dollars disappearing mysteriously from my bank account.

Alexa Produce, I wish you sold more locally grown products but your store is clean, pretty and you have a wonderful selection at fantastically cheap prices. I will be a regular from now on. I'm glad I went back and tried it again.

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  1. Ditto....except I also find that some of their items are very close to spoiling. Asparagus, I'm looking at you.