Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hey I Like Fruit for Christmas!

Bah Humbug Pete Wells. In his New York Times Essay last week, Pete Wells jokingly complains about receiving Florida oranges as a Christmas gift and says he has a relative who sends a box ever year. Readers, that person, at least in my family, is me. I send my relatives boxes of Florida citrus for the holidays each year. I'm guilty. I do it because I want to send a little of our sub-tropical sunshine to the dark and gloomy northern climes this time of year. I send the fruit because it's better than fruitcake. Because I love my relatives and don't want them to get scurvy. Just kidding. I send the oranges and grapefruits because I aspire to give my loved ones presents that are healthy and I think the orange and yellow citrus fruits are cheerful and delicious. They love them, or at least they say they do.

This year I used Hale Groves. I ordered online and the prices were reasonable and service was outstanding. I'm not being paid or otherwise asked to shill here. I found Hale Groves through a google search and used them by my own choice and they did a good job getting my gifts delivered on time and in good condition. I was very pleased.

Wells includes a recipe at the end of his essay for using the orange peels which I thought was brilliant. I love the idea of not wasting any of the fruit and I never thought to candy orange peels with rosemary, which grows very well down here as a matter of fact, so this recipe could be totally local-friendly. Orange and rosemary together? Yum-eee. I think I'll try it.

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  1. My Florida grandparents sent us a box of citrus every winter when I was a kid, and in retrospect, it was fabulous. Not sure I recognized it at the time, bit I was not always the brightest of children.