Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Ugly-ish Orange Tree

I took a walk around my neighborhood this morning and when I'm out, I'm always looking to see what edibles people grow in their yards. The answer is usually not a lot, but today I found an orange tree in a friend's yard that is full of oranges. Many had fallen and the tree is taller than a one story house, so it looks like maybe the fruits are being ignored because they're too high to pick or the homeowner (ahem George, Jr.) just doesn't care. Maybe I'll ask him if I can have them.

The oranges look pretty ugly. I don't know if this is because they're diseased or because I'm too used to seeing grocery store citrus, which by the way, often has dye added to the peels to make the fruit more enticing. These oranges were even uglier than organics though and it got me thinking. I hardly ever see citrus trees around anymore. Most of South Florida's citrus trees were destroyed in a mass slaughter designed to protect the Central Florida commercial crops from citrus canker. The rest have perished due to citrus greening disease, which I just learned is incurable and always fatal to the tree. I wonder if this tree has one of those afflictions and that's why the oranges look like this. Maybe it's the variety? Who knows? Anyone have any theories?

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