Friday, January 27, 2012

The Best Thing I Have Ever Smelled - Meyer Lemon Blossoms

One of the things I most love about living in Florida is the yearly citrus bloom. If you drive up through central Florida when the orange groves are in blossom you could just die from the beautiful smell. Heaven must smell like a blooming orange grove. Last week I encountered this Meyer lemon, all in flower, at the Urban Farmer. I wish you could smell this picture and my goodness, who knew that Meyer lemons made purple flowers? Another reason to love them, as if I needed one. Meyer lemons are my favorite because they're mild and taste like a tangerine and a lemon combined, which I've heard some people say they are and some people say they aren't, so I'm not sure. Here is the Meyer lemon wiki so you can read up on them if you're interested.

In other flowery news, I just noticed a cluster of buds about to open on my grapefruit tree and then I looked out the window just now to see that my mango tree is also blossoming. Yay!

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